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Visual Signals

AV1ST Strobe Combination Audible/Visual Signal

  • Available in 24VDC or 120VAC
  • Surface mount, integrated 1/2-inch pipe mount, and 4-inch electrical box mount
  • Five dome colors
  • Twist-off lens for easy access
  • Internal buzzer produces 85dB at 10' (95dB @ 1m)
  • Type 3R enclosure
  • UL and cUL Listed, CSA Certified

Federal Signal introduces the Model AV1ST combination audible/visual signal. The AV1ST features a 100% polycarbonate housing that is rated for Type 3R rain-tight applications. Available dome colors include amber, blue, clear, green and red.

The AV1ST design provides three mounting configurations. The black base will accommodate mounting to a 1/2-inch NPT pipe, a 4-inch octagonal electrical box or any flat surface. The surface mount gasket serves as a template for preparing a flat surface with appropriate mounting holes.

All AV1ST units feature a unique twist and lock dome to allow for tool free access to the strobe tube. The fresnel lensing provides superior visibility in all directions.

The integrated buzzer provides 85dB output at 10 feet (95dB @ 1 meter).

The AV1ST comes in two voltage variations: 24VDC and 120VAC. Each unit is factory assembled with two color-coded leads. If desired, the user can remove the leads and connect directly to the terminal block located in the base of the unit. The AV1ST is UL and cUL Listed, and CSA Certified.


Part # Description Ship Weight Net Weight  
AV1ST-024A Light/sounder combination, strobe, 24VDC, amber 1.75 lbs. 1.25 lbs. Add to Quote >
AV1ST-024B Light/sounder combination, strobe, 24VDC, blue 1.75 lbs. 1.25 lbs. Add to Quote >
AV1ST-024C Light/sounder combination, strobe, 24VDC, clear 1.75 lbs. 1.25 lbs. Add to Quote >
AV1ST-024G Light/sounder combination, strobe, 24VDC, green 1.75 lbs. 1.25 lbs. Add to Quote >
AV1ST-024R Light/sounder combination, strobe, 24VDC, red 1.75 lbs. 1.25 lbs. Add to Quote >
AV1ST-120A Light/sounder combination, strobe, 120VAC, amber 1.75 lbs. 1.25 lbs. Add to Quote >
AV1ST-120B Light/sounder combination, strobe, 120VAC, blue 1.75 lbs. 1.25 lbs. Add to Quote >
AV1ST-120C Light/sounder combination, strobe, 120VAC, clear 1.75 lbs. 1.25 lbs. Add to Quote >
AV1ST-120G Light/sounder combination, strobe, 120VAC, green 1.75 lbs. 1.25 lbs. Add to Quote >
AV1ST-120R Light/sounder combination, strobe, 120VAC, red 1.75 lbs. 1.25 lbs. Add to Quote >


Part # Description Ship Weight  

Replacement Parts

Description Part #  
Dome, Amber K8550292A-02 Add to Quote >
Dome, Blue K8550292A-01 Add to Quote >
Dome, Clear K8550292A Add to Quote >
Dome, Green K8550292A-04 Add to Quote >
Dome, Red K8550292A-03 Add to Quote >
Lens Gasket K8550306A Add to Quote >
Surface Mount Gasket K8591003A Add to Quote >
Strobe Tube K149130A Add to Quote >
PC Assembly, 24VDC K2005083A Add to Quote >
PC Assembly, 120VAC K2001887A Add to Quote >
Buzzer, 24VDC K8591002A-02 Add to Quote >
Buzzer, 120VAC K8591002A Add to Quote >


Listed By Underwriter's Laboratory (ULus)
Visual signalling appliances UEES_E162485.pdf
Audible signal appliance, general signal UCST_E4813.pdf
Listed By Underwriter's Laboratory For Use In Canada (cUL)
Visual signalling appliances certified for Canada UEES7_E162485.pdf
Audible signal appliance, general signal, certified for Canada UCST7_E4813.pdf
Certified by CSA International
Signal appliances, systems 4812_05_1118979.pdf





1/2" Pipe

4" Square Electrical Box




Operating Current

0.98 Amps at 24VDC

0.27 Amps at 120VAC

Light Source/Lamp Style Incandescent
Lamp Life 1,000 Hours
Flash Rate/Minute 75
Decibel Output

85 at 10 Feet

95 at 1 Meter

Operating Temperature Min. -31 F
Operating Temperature Max. 150 F
Enclosure Rating Type 3R
Dome Colors






Height 6.48 IN
Diameter 5.76 IN
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