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Outdoor Warning

FC Siren Controller

  • Remote radio control function available
  • Controls warning lights and audible devices
  • Two-tone sequential, DTMF and digital FSK decoding
  • Four individually programmable output relays
  • Push-button local control or dry-contact closure inputs for landline control
  • Six built-in siren tone signals

The Federal Signal Controller Model FC is a 120VAC radio receiver/decoder and timer with relay outputs. This versatile model is ideal for virtually all siren control applications and any other process which can be controlled via relay contacts.

The microprocessor-based controller comes with two-tone sequential, dual-tone multiple frequency (DTMF), or frequency shift keying (FSK) decoding capabilities, and up to four individually programmable relays.

Options include a synthesized radio receiver (low band, high band, or UHF), a built-in tone generator, which adds six standard tones, public address capability, and a software package that allows the unit to be connected to any IBM-compatible computer to modify supplied timing or to create unique tone patterns. Programming options include radio receiver frequency, two-tone sequential tones/DTMF/FSK decoding digits, custom audible signal tones, and independent control of output relays and timing patterns for electromechanical sirens.

Up to six control codes may be programmed and activated by any combination of two-tone sequential, DTMF or FSK tone bursts. Four of the timing sequences can be initiated using local push buttons or remotely through dry contact closures.

The Federal Controller is used to control Federal Signal siren Models 2, 2001 and ECLIPSE8. Also, the unit can be used to add radio activation of indoor PA and SelecTone® systems, to control warning lights, or to replace existing and outdated electro-mechanical timing mechanisms for existing systems.

Special Considerations

  • Specify voltage (120VAC or 240VAC)
  • Specify radio frequency
  • Specify antenna (RP164) high band or UHF band (one-way)
  • Specify options
    • Programming Software(FSPWARE)
    • Tone coded squelch decoder (CTCSS/PL)
  • Call the factory for assistance in specifying an outdoor warning system


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FC Programmable Decoder and Timer 10 lbs.   Add to Quote >


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AC Power Inputs 120 or 240VAC
Battery Input (12VDC) 10.5 to 18.0VDC

Input Current: 120VAC

Input Current: 12VDC

180mA AC maximum

460mA DC maximum

Relay Output Timings 0.5 to 999.0 seconds
Frequency Range (programmable):

Low Band

High Band


30 to 50MHz in 5kHz steps

148 to 174MHz in 5kHz steps
450 to 470MHz in 12.5kHz steps

Sensitivity 0.35 uV for 12dB SINAD
Rejection (-60)dB
Selectivity (-60)dB
Stability 5.0 ppm
Antenna Impedance 50.0 ohms
Audio Band Pass 64 to 3300Hz
Deviation Acceptance 3.5±1.0kHz valid decoding (3.3 kHz nom.)
Decode Sensitivity 20dB S/N (typical 0.5 uV or RF)
Format 50/50 to 1000/1000ms (digit dur./digit silence)
Digit Length 3 to 12 digits
Format 1200 Baud, MSK
Usable Decode Sensitivity 10dB SINAD (min.)
Two Tone
Timing 0.5 to 8.0 seconds duration (each tone)
Intertone Silence 0.4 seconds maximum
Frequency Range 300-3000Hz
Operating Temperature 30°C to 65°C (-22°F to 140°F)
Dimensions 14.25"H x 9.25"W x 5.5"D
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