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Audible Devices

AM70CK SelecTone® Connector Kit

  • Interfaces SelecTone® speaker/amplifiers with an existing paging system
  • Works in 25 or 70 Vrms systems
  • Creates a "balanced line" SelecTone® System
  • Allows the use of higher gauge wire in a SelecTone® System
  • UL and cUL Listed, CSA Certified, and CSFM Approved

The Models AM25CK and AM70CK are connector kits which allow the use of SelecTone® speaker/amplifiers (1Vrms devices) to be used in any public address system (25 or 70Vrms).

Using these connectors and the 25Vrms output from the 300VSC-1, 300VSC-1044SB, 300SCW-1, 300MB or 300MC SelecTone® Command Center creates a true "balanced line" system which will filter all extraneous noise from the audio lines.

Expanding a centrally amplified public address system often requires the addition of another control amplifier. With the appropriate connector kits and SelecTone speaker/amplifiers, the system can easily be expanded, without the costly addition of a central amplifier.

Public address equipment manufacturers do not offer a wide selection of explosion-proof products. Now adding a Class I, Division 1, or Class I, Division 2 device to an existing central PA system is simple; select either a 300X, 300GCX, or 302GCX speaker/amplifier and the appropriate connector kit.

SelecTone typically require a minimum of 18-gauge twisted pair, isolated from the AC line. With an AM series connector kit and the 25Vrms output of the SelecTone control, a balanced line is created which filters induced line noise. This also allows the installer to use smaller gauge wire without the risk of poor intelligibility.

Federal Signal's SelecTone Connector Kits allow existing public address systems to be expanded with SelecTone speaker/amplifiers - no additional central amplifier is required.


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AM70CK Connector card, 70vrms 0.25 lbs.   Add to Quote >


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Listed By Underwriter's Laboratory (ULus)
Audible signal devices for use in hazardous locations UGKZ_E12629.pdf
Speakers and amplifiers for fire protective signalling systems UUMW_S2635.pdf
Listed By Underwriter's Laboratory For Use In Canada (cUL)
Audible signal devices for use in hazardous locations certified for Canada UGKZ7_E12629.pdf
Certified by CSA International
Signal appliances, audible 4812_04_1403550.pdf
Signal appliances, audible, for hazardous locations 4818_02_LR11170_18.pdf
Listed By California State Fire Marshall (CSFM)
Audible signal device 7135_0811_003.pdf



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